DMV funds in jeopardy, according to state report released Tuesday


Fresno driver Satinder Singh brought his family with him to the DMV, to renew his registration.

“Right now my registration was like $233,” Singh said. “$50 for the smog, so that’s almost like $300.”

But, the state legislature could decide to raise those.

“If you’re working a minimum wage, that would be, that would be really horrible,” Singh said.

The fear coming after this report, which says expenses within the MVA increased by $1 billion from 2013 to now.

Expenses like building CHP and DMV field offices, to checking licenses and increased Real ID workloads.

“This is a same story we hear over and over again, we don’t have enough money, but the state’s been taking it and using it for other things, so we’re going to raise the fee, raise the tax,” Republican Assemblyman Jim Patterson telling us over the phone. “Because we don’t have enough money.”

Patterson referring to $90 million taken from the MVA each year, since 2009, and thrown into the general fund.

“This is a game of hide and seek, and the legislative analyst, our legislature, has made it very very clear, one of the things you can do to stop this bleeding, is to simply stop taking the money from the highway patrol, and from the department of motor vehicles,” Patterson said.

And Patterson says, make the DMV more efficient.

The Governor’s Budget proposing changes, but analysts say, it’s not enough, recommending other options.

Those include implementing audits, and raising costs to drivers.

“Sooner or later, I think Californians are going to get very, very tired of being fooled like this,” Patterson said.

Results from the California Department of Finance’s DMV audit will be made public next month.

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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