District 3: Miguel Arias moves to general election, tight race for second place


Fresno City Council’s District 3–a historically black community– could have a Latino as its next councilman.

Candidate Miguel Arias has a strong lead with more than double the votes of any of the other six candidates.

The question still remains, who will be his opponent for the general election?

Three of the candidates are desperately fighting to take the second spot: Daren Miller has 14.61 percent of the vote, Tate Hill has 14.30 percent of the vote, and Craig Scharton has 14.12 percent.

Hill is trailing Miller by only nine votes, and Scharton is only five votes behind Hill.

The only sure thing about the results, is that Arias is going to the November election.

As he waits for the votes to continue to be tallied to see who his opponent will be, he returns back to his back to regular life.

“Early this morning I had an awards ceremony for my son. So I am back to being a dad, and back to work this morning too,” said Arias.

Tuesday the Chief Information Officer of the Fresno Unified School District and State Center Community College District Trustee had a celebratory night.

The growing Latino population in District 3 put him as the front-runner with more than 30 percent of the vote.

“The Latino vote is important,” said Arias. “They traditionally don’t come out until November. They showed up yesterday, and we expect them to show up again in November.”

If elected, Arias has two immediate priorities. 

“We are completely understaffed when it comes to police, fire and medical response, and it’s taking a toll. Secondly we have to deal with our homeless and transient population in a way that actually fixes the problem versus pushing humans from one block to another block,” said Arias. 

Tuesday was a major evening not just for Arias, but for the Latino community. 

The election results could completely change the face of the Fresno City Council Board.

Luis Chavez, District 5; Nelson Esparza, District 7; and Arias all have a shot at winning their races come November. Esmerelda Soria, District 1, ran unopposed. 

If they all win this November, they would have a majority at city council with four Latinos on the board. 

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