This time of year Shaver Lake fishermen are used to catching freshly stocked trophy trout, not catching views of a movie set for one of the world’s biggest movie franchises.

“I just saw the set-up down there.” points mountain resident Sharry Preheim who had just walked past the set.

The scene looks as if it depicts a crash along the lakeshore, what vehicle crashed? Well, nobody really knows yet. Just don’t ask any of the crew members up here, their lips are sealed.

For Shaver Lake it’s an opportunity to share this corner of the Sierra with the rest of the world says Keith Davis with the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau. “I mean it’s not just everyday you have a Marvel movie shot in your own backyard.”

Davis says he’s been hearing a lot of excitement around the community, especially from the Marvel fans. “It’s exciting seeing these large vehicles coming up with all kinds of equipment, and the cranes that are placing it alongside the lake.”