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Have you seen those Bird scooters around? Here's how to use them.

FRESNO, California - The new Bird scooters you may have seen around Fresno aren't difficult to rent, and the company is aiming to add Fresno to its list of cities with the service.'s Joe Moeller gave it a shot, and he tells us how it works. 

On each scooter, it warns riders that they must wear a helmet, be over the age of 18, and have to have a driver's license.

No double riding is allowed -- which means two people can't be on at the same time, and riders must use the street, not the sidewalk.

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But a city of Fresno spokesman said Bird filed for their business tax license on Tuesday, and it's still under review. So technically, the company is still unlicensed.

For more information about the Bird scooters, go to

Download the Bird app here: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

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