As the Detwiler fire forces thousands to evacuate their homes, Mariposa County Sheriff’s Animal Control Division is helping to evacuate dozens of animals.

Animals in the area are being taken to the Mariposa Fairgrounds, which is near Highway 49 and Fairgrounds Road.

The fairgrounds is sheltering large and small animals. Volunteers YourCentralValley spoke with said this fire is a scary time for people. So, they’re doing what they can to make sure their four-legged friends are safe.

From horses to pigs, dogs and cats. The Detwiler fire is forcing dozens of animals to be placed in a shelter at Mariposa Fairgounds.

“Most of all these animals came from where there was a threat of fire,” Tammie Guenthart, volunteer Mariposa County Sheriff’s Posse, said.

Guenthart said it’s been a busy last two days as the fire continues to grow.

“We probably have half a dozen trucks and trailers picking up animals,” Guenthart said.

Guenthart said having a shelter for animals helps the thousands of people in the area know their furry friends are safe.

Like Maricela Magallon. She said her family was evacuated and she didn’t know what to do with her three dogs.

“I don’t have no where else to take them but here I know they’ll be safe,” Magallon said.

Magallon said even though leaving her dogs is hard, she knows they’re not alone.

Mariposa’s SPCA said it had embers from the fire dropping onto its building. So, it brought over several of its own animals to be cared for at the fairgrounds shelter.

“We had a big county vehicle load up all the animals in a big roll off and we brought them all over here and it was great because we didn’t have to go back and forth,” Jeanette Lozano, Mariposa SPCA shelter manager, said.

Volunteers are asking if anyone can donate to help take care of the animals affected by the fire.

To donate call the SPCA shelter manager at (209) 201-8954

or send donations to SPCA of Mariposa County P.O. Box 671 Mariposa, CA 95338

You can also call Merced County Sheriff or Mariposa County Sheriff, for additional information.