Deputies looking for armed robbery suspect saying he could do it again


The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a string of armed robberies.

Deputies believe the same person hit three different stores just days apart. 

They said the way the man behaved during the armed robberies was similar in each case. 

The first store hit was the Caruthers Valero on November 14th around 11 p.m. 
Two days later, just down the street, the Caruthers Food and Liquor was held up around 6 a.m. in a similar fashion.
November 18th, around 10 a.m the Cargo Mart in Laton was also robbed. 

Deputies said the suspect got away with a lot of money each time and they worry he won’t stop until he is caught. 

“All of these cases seem to have the same MO, it’s a guy coming in dressed head to toe all covered up masked, carrying a handgun,” said Toni Botti with the Sheriff’s Office. 

In the two videos that show the suspect holding a gun he appears to be holding it in the same matter and to be left handed, indicating it could be the same guy in all robberies.

Either way, deputies are not ruling out the possibility that it could be a crew of several people involved. 

Any information about robberies you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office. 

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