FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — Hayley Isla-Wolf spent weeks hand-making the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ display at her home on Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno.

“I made everything by hand, paper mache, clay, PVC pipe, a bunch of other things,” said Isla-Wolf. “They take quite a bit of time and energy to create.”

But now the display is missing one very important character – Zero the dog.

“It was last Sunday. We were out at about 10 p.m., Zero was there, we came out the next morning, and Zero was taken from the display, which is a bummer,” said Isla-Wolf.

She’s put up a sign where Zero used to be that says, “If you took Zero please bring him back.”
Another home on Christmas Tree Lane also had some inflatable decorations taken on a different night.

Chairman of Christmas Tree Lane Dean Alexander said what happened is disheartening, but not out of the ordinary.

“It happens every year,” he said. “Either you have some kids, whatever, decide to have some fun and take some of our displays.”

Alexander said most of the time, the items have eventually been returned, and that’s exactly what they’re hoping for again this year.

“We would love to have Zero returned. For whoever took it, we’d love him back,” said Isla-Wolf.