A man was found dead inside Fresno City College’s gymnasium on the same night as the college’s women’s basketball tournament.

Darlene Moore came to watch and cheer on her daughter, a player with Diablo Valley College. As the game heated up — Moore noticed several Fresno Police officers walking around outside in the cold.

Officers were dispatched to Fresno City College’s gymnasium after getting a call of a dead body. A coach walked into the men’s locker room and discovered the body in the showers. That coach immediately called the police, according to campus authorities.

Moore was saddened by the news, but she’s glad that news didn’t spread during the game.

“The girls needed to be focused on the game,” she said. “That would have been a distraction to know that somebody passed away here on the premises.”

Jose Flores, the college’s police chief, had a chance to tour the crime scene. He said the deceased man is likely homeless. He also found nothing suspicious.

“Right now, we suspect no foul play,” Flores said. “It looks like it’s a medical issue, either a heart attack or stroke. Nothing indicates it’s anything but that.”

When Moore found out the deceased could be homeless — she said it points to the bigger issue of homelessness in the state.

“I think it’s really tragic with such a big homeless problem we have here in California, [there is] no solutions,” she said.

Flores said the person likely snuck in when the building was opened early for the tournament. He said it’s happened in the past, but it’s not common.

The state has a law that allows homeless students to be able to use community college facilities like showers. However, Flores said it’s unlikely the deceased man was a students because he’s elderly.