DACA repeal has recipients worried about their work permits


More than 800,000 DACA (deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients now have to worry about where they’ll find employment when their work permit expires.

It was announced Tuesday that DACA will be discontinued and Congress has six months to create legislation to help people brought here by their parents as kids.

Raymundo Guzman started working at Centro La Familia seven months ago, he says with DACA being phased out, the last thing he wanted was his job to eventually go away too.

Guzman says the announcement to repeal DACA was a harsh blow to undocumented immigrants.

“Inside emotionally I was hurt,” said Guzman.

Without DACA he was worried his boss would have to look for another hire, until he was re-assured he can keep his job.

“Not a lot of people will make you feel that safe because not a lot of people understands what you go through,” said Guzman.

“We’re here to tell them we are very supportive of them, they have their job here,” said Mario Gonzalez, Guzman’s Manager.   

Gonzalez has several DACA recipients he manages including Guzman.

He says they are all excellent workers.

“We are not going to be focused on who’s DACA or who’s not, but we are going to focus on who’s doing the work,” said Guzman.

Guzman is glad he works at a place that understands his struggle.

“Right here I feel like it’s safe and they aren’t going to just kick me out,” said Guzman.

United Farm Workers is holding a DACA seminar at their Fresno office from 10am to noon Friday.

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