FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Police Friday identified the victim killed by gunfire at the smoke shop on the 2700 block of north Blackstone Avenue Wednesday, as 26-year-old Joseph Riley.

Riley and his 19-year-old brother were shot after they entered the shop.

The brother was shot in the face and is currently in stable condition at CRMC.

While this case is only two days old, police have made headway.

They have gathered witness statements and surveillance video; one woman said police took her entire DVR.

Police say they were able to obtain video of the shooting itself and are confident they will be able to make arrests in the days ahead.

“We have a total of three suspects in this case that were walking on foot. Uh, we believe that they took note of Mr. Riley and his brother, who arrived in a vehicle,” said Lt. Paul Cervantes with Fresno Police.

He said the three suspects then went inside the store, pulled out guns, and waited for Joseph Riley and his brother to enter.

The gunfire started as soon as he walked in, with Riley shot multiple times in the torso.

“They immediately exited the location and started to fire at the 19-year-old brother and actually struck him in the face,” said Lt. Cervantes.

Police say at least two of the suspects fired their weapons before they took off on foot.

As for a motive, there’s not much at this time.

Police say the brothers were likely not gang-affiliated and that they will continue to look into whether or not the suspects are.

“From what we learned, this smoke shop is a location which the- the trio of suspects frequented on occasion as well as the victims,” said Lt. Cervantes. 

“This is a location where it could have happened by happenstance, or it could have been a pre-planned event,” he said.

This is the latest homicide in a string of murders in the City of Fresno in the last two weeks.

The City of Fresno has had 59 so far, in 2022.

Police say they are trying to work non-stop to curb the violence and have added more proactive officers in the field.