Mugshot released of 18-year-old Lamborghini driver who critically injured a woman


Visalia Police are accusing an 18-year-old of crashing into two cars, leaving a woman in critical condition and two other people injured.

Police say around 11:30 p.m. Sunday night, Mark Anthony Verdugo crashed into the two cars at the intersection of Walnut Avenue and Court Street in Visalia.

About a week later, a mugshot was released of Verdugo.

On Sunday, there was some confusion early on. Police first stated in a press release that one of the victims had died.

Visalia PD originally stated that the woman in critical condition died at the hospital but it turns out she is not dead. Late Sunday afternoon police updated their statement to reflect that.

We spoke with the young man first on the scene of the near fatal crash.

His cell phone video shows the near fatal crash allegedly involving a young man and a white Lamborghini.

“It sounded like an explosion, I didn’t think it was a car accident or anything,” says Marcus Lasalde, witness.

Lasalde, CPR and first aid certified, works right across from where the crash happened and was first on scene.

“It was pretty horrific and there was debris everywhere,” Lasalde described.

Visalia Police say 18-year-old Mark Verdugo was allegedly speeding and driving under the influence when when he crashed into a Toyota and Lincoln.

“I went to where the Lamborghini was at and police were with him, they already have a driver out and he was on the ground, he was moving he was really out of it,” Lasalde explained.

Police say their Traffic Unit also found a loaded .45 Caliber Pistol inside the Lamborghini.

It appears Verdugo has had a run in with the law before at just 16 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

WSOC-TV news station reported in 2017 Verdugo was arrested after the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office seized 32 pounds of marijuana, three handguns and more than $11,000 from a home in Newton, N.C.

Now, he’s facing a slew of felony charges of a DUI, a felony warrant and unlawful possession of a firearm, and DUI causing major injury.

“It’s very unfortunate because he’s obviously very young and he’s hurt his life pretty bad and other people’s lives too,” says Lasalde.

Visalia PD originally reported early Saturday afternoon that the female passenger in the Toyota had died but hours later stated there was miscommunication.

“This whole time I thought the other lady passed away but it’s a big relief that she didn’t,” Lasalde expressed.

Last we heard, Verdugo was still in the hospital and being treated for injuries as well.

As for the other two drivers, police say they were transferred to an area hospital to be treated and are expected to be OK.

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