AUBERRY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office’s Sex Crimes Unit has arrested an 81-year-old man accused of sexually abusing a minor.

Detectives say the Auberry man has held many positions in the community that would have allowed him to be near children. Now, they’re asking for other potential victims to come forward.

“We arrested David Nehring back on September 8th. He spent a little less than a half day in jail and then he bonded out,” said Fresno County Sheriff’s spokesperson, Tony Botti. 

Nehring is facing charges for sodomy with a minor. Officials are trying to get the word out about the case because they think there may be other victims.

“You got to look at the fact that this guy is 81 years old, so I highly doubt that he just started this behavior last year. There might be a long track record, some victims that are grown adults now,” said Botti. 

The Sheriff’s Office says over the years, the suspect has held many positions in the community where he would have interacted with children.

“Such as Auberry volunteer firefighter, he was engaged with the Boy Scouts and also affiliated with the Sandy Bluffs Alternative Education Center,” said Botti, adding that he also attended a Mormon church in Prather. “It was the Mormon church that reported the information to us and we’re very grateful that they were involved in their community,” he adds.

As detectives wait for other potential victims to come forward, Botti also addresses some of the challenges in a case like this, including the statute of limitations.

“How much time has passed, how old is our victim now? But those are bridges that we can cross once we get the information. So, the important thing is to report it. We’ll do the math and figure out and see,” he said. 

Officials are reminding parents to have a conversation with their kids about speaking up when something feels wrong.

“Talk about things that might be making you feel uncomfortable. Let a trusted adult know so that things don’t go too far,” said Botti. 

Nehring is expected to appear in court next month.