FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – The Fresno Police Department is investigating a homicide that occurred around midnight in the parking lot of the Campus Pointe Shopping Center. 

Police say when officers arrived on scene, they found a shooting victim inside a white car. The victim was later identified as 22-year-old Frank Sierras. 

Fresno Police said investigators determined that a disturbance occurred at the parking lot when Sierras was shot. They say Sierras then drove a short distance before crashing into the parking structure of the Palazzo at Campus Pointe student housing complex. 

Police say Emergency Medical Services arrived on scene and continued lifesaving efforts, but unfortunately, Sierras was pronounced dead on scene. 

Police are not releasing the motive of the shooting at this time. 

The area is one that many people go to for the movies, lunch, dinner and just to hang out. And this shooting is leaving some residents with an uneasy feeling. 

“Definitely makes me feel uneasy. I think at the end of the day, people come out here, especially now that things are reopening, I see a lot of families, a lot of friends, kids, people usually here in the area so it makes me feel uneasy,” said Ceasar Gonzalez, who lives in the area. 

Gonzalez said they were having dinner with a friend last night just hours before the incident occurred. 

“I think any time that you go out anywhere with your friends, family, security, and safety is always number one but you’re not thinking about what could happen, so it’s definitely one of those things where we literally missed it by a couple of hours,” Gonzalez said. 

According to the Fresno Police Department, this is the 38th murder of the year in the city of Fresno. At this time in 2020, there had been 18. This homicide occurred outside many Fresno State students’ homes.

“I always thought Campus Pointe was one of the safest areas to live and I always walk around here freely and I was just surprised that there was some kind of shooting here,” said Arvindha Vignesh, a Fresno State student. 

Fresno Police said they want to remind the community that this was an isolated incident.

“We have not had similar like incidents in this location in the recent past and of course at any location, we need to be aware of our surroundings, but we don’t believe there will be additional incidents at this location,” said Sgt. Diana Trueba Vega with the Fresno Police Department. 

They ask if anyone saw anything or has information related to this incident, they call Fresno Police.