CORRECTION: This article initially stated that one of the suspects had already been released from jail. This error has been corrected.

MERCED, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The City of Merced continues to feel the tragic death of nine-month-old Darius King Grigsby, who was shot and killed on November 9.

On one hand, they feel thankful police have the suspect who they believe fired the gun, in custody.

On the other, they say simply, they are tired of the violence and that no one, especially a baby, should get killed on their daily walk.

The memorial Friday at the corner of Q Street and 12th Street was surrounded by continuous tributes to the little boy.

It’s in the area where baby Darius was shot, as his mother walked him in a stroller.

Merced Police say the fatal shot was meant for the man who was on the walk with Darius and his mom that day, not for the baby.

One Merced resident, who was there at the memorial Friday, expressed pain and frustration.

“It’s horrible. I just think it’s so senseless. You know, especially a little baby who can’t do anything. You know, an innocent life,” said Sylvia Ruiz Ortiz, a Merced resident since 1987.

The Mayor of Merced, told us the city recently won a state violence prevention grant, which he said will be used to curb violence.

“Too many people, you know don’t feel safe. And we need to change it. And it starts with a, you know, community-wide effort,” said Mayor Matthew Serratto.

Baby Darius was the fourth murder of the year in Merced, which is down drastically from 13 in 2021.

Police say Daevon Motshwane who pulled the trigger has been arrested along with a juvenile who was allegedly driving the vehicle.

Merced Police detectives were able to successfully track Motshwane to Gilroy.

Gilroy’s SWAT team moved fast to arrest him, along with two other individuals from Merced.

“Fortunately it was timed perfectly where he happened to be outside and we located him. In this type of situation, it’s a tragedy and we’re just happy to be able to help,” said Gilroy Police Sgt. Lamonte Toney.

Merced Police later did release the two individuals with Motshwane.

As for when charges will be filed in court, the Merced County District Attorney’s Office told us, that would likely be on Monday or Tuesday of next week.