VISALIA, California (KSEE) – Deliberations for the trial of 33-year-old Erika Sandoval will continue on Dec 2.

The south valley jury deliberated for two and a half days on whether or not Sandoval committed manslaughter or murder when killing her ex-husband and Exeter Police Officer, Daniel Green.

The jurors asked specifically on Friday to hear transcripts from Sandoval’s testimony about Feb. 6, 2015, the day she admitted to shooting and killing Green in his home.

“I think that they are paying very close attention to the evidence,” said Sandoval’s Attorney, Dan Chambers.

In that testimony, Sandoval claimed she snapped after she saw inappropriate photos inside of a safe within Green’s home. No photos were ever entered into evidence.

Chambers said the jurors have also asked to see Sandoval’s original confession and crime scene photos of the safe.

Legal Analyst David Mugridge said often a jury could take up to a week in deliberations during a potential death penalty case.

“That is what this reflects,” Mugridge said. “Is that the jury is thinking about the issues of law that are presented to them and the facts and their implications to the law.”