FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A professor at Fresno City College, and the Ram’s former men’s basketball coach, Edward George Madec, has been arrested following reports that he allegedly threatened to shoot students and college officials at the beginning of the semester.

His arrest, now two months after those threats were made, and he is now out on bail since being arrested Friday.

Several students took these alleged threats seriously, and they brought it forward to the authorities.

In 2020, Madec filed a lawsuit against the college after he was removed as the Ram’s men’s basketball coach. That lawsuit was dismissed in July of that year.

“I was definitely shocked; I’ve never experienced something like that,” said Ramon Rodriguez, a student at Fresno City College.

“It’s still surreal in a way, having it so close to home,” said another student, Betzaida Altamirano.

These students from FCC were stunned to hear a professor on their campus, was arrested friday.

He faces two felony counts for making threats against students and officials.

The State Center Community College District Police (SCCCD) detail that Madec compared bullet points in a PowerPoint presentation as bullets “flying” towards students.

Fearfully, several students came forward to authorities on Aug. 15.

“It’s crazy how you feel like you can trust someone and obviously it turns out they’re entirely different than what you imagined,” said Altamirano.

Madec was placed on administrative leave, then charged on Aug. 22, one week after the incident allegedly took place.

But FCC students didn’t find out until Monday morning.

“I found out about it this morning, because my friend sent me a PowerPoint or whatever, explaining what happened so I didn’t hear about this until literally this morning,” she said.

“One thing that surprises me is that the school waits two months before publicizing this,” said Mark King.

King is a private defense attorney, he too questions why it took two months for students to be notified.

“You’ve got this professor who is on administrative leave, and you have him walking free, and has threatened students and administrators, why would they wait two months to make that publicly known,” he said.

FCC says students weren’t notified because the investigation was ongoing. The notification going out to students once he was arrested.

“The only thing I can see that he might say is that he was trying to make a joke. The thing is in today’s environment where violence is a problem… I can’t imagine any rational person finding any humor in that at all,” said King.

No guns were found in Madec’s possession when he was arrested in Merced on Friday afternoon.