FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – It’s officially been one week since Fresno Police discovered N’kya and her unborn son Noah’s body in a trashcan in northwest Fresno.

On Tuesday evening, friends and family members gathered to mourn the loss of them both.

“I just don’t have the words to say how much I miss her my baby, my baby girl,” said N’kya’s mother, Donna Barkus.

She said she’s taking each day at a time while she figures out how to go on without her daughter and her unborn grandson, Noah, who they held a baby shower for just a few days before N’kya and Noah were found stabbed to death in northwest Fresno.

“Minute by minute, day by day, with god’s help I just have to pray and think about all the good memories we have together, all the time spent with her we did everything together,” she said.

N’kya was a Fresno City College student hoping to become a childcare worker. She was planning to name her son Noah after her father’s middle name.

“She was a wonderful child never, ever any trouble. just beautiful,” said her father, Edmond Noah Logan.

N’kya’s brother, 41-year-old Aaron Dudley, has been arrested for her murder. He’s been charged with two counts of murder, two enhancements of use of a deadly weapon, and special circumstances of multiple murders. If convicted of all charges, the penalty is either death or life without the possibility of parole. 

N’kya’s loved ones say they’ll let the process run its course, while they choose to remember N’kya for the smart, kind, and thoughtful person she was and the wonderful baby she would have had.

“She was looking so forward to having her baby, eating healthy, baby Noah spending time with him, reading to him, singing to him,” Barkus said.

Donna said she wishes N’kya could see the love that surrounded her.

“I wish she could see how many people loved and cared for her. All of her friends and family came from afar to honor her. She would be so happy,” she said.

Dudley’s next court appearance is set for January 5.