Fresno police arrest attempted murder suspect


Fresno police arrest attempted murder suspect. Police said on March 19 members from the Street Violence Tac Team received information regarding  Marcelino Higareda. Police say Higareda was located at a house in Southeast Fresno and was placed into custody without incident.

Lt. David Madrigal says at around 2 a.m. on Oct. 31, a couple went to the ARCO gas station at Fresno Street and McKinley Avenue to get some snacks and fill up the air in their car’s tires.

When one of the victims went into the store to buy food and ask for the clerk to turn on the air pumps, Madrigal says a disturbance broke out between the victim and suspect, identified as Marcelino Higareda.

He says Higareda claimed to be a gang member, but that the victim ignored him and went back to his car.

But, Higareda followed him and started a fight. The victim was able to fight him off and get in his car to leave the gas station.

Higareda then got in his car and rammed the couple’s car from behind as they waited for cross traffic to pass on McKinley Avenue.

That’s when Madrigal says the couple got out of their car to see the damage, and as the suspect circled back around the gas station, Madrigal says he hit the couple.

The woman was dragged under the car, and he says Higareda seriously injured both victims.

“This is a very deliberate attack on both victims,” Madrigal says.

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