FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – The family of 51-year-old Victor Bacerra who was fatally shot through the wall of a southwest Fresno apartment is crying out for justice.

Bacerra’s family says he was holding his 11-month-old granddaughter in his arms when he was shot to death in their apartment back on January second.

“You know he got on his phone he was carrying his granddaughter who was only 11 months and out of nowhere you just hear a loud explosion and you see smoke then you just see the baby fall out of his hands then you just see the blood gushing out and him just slowly fading away,” said Noemi Ramirez daughter of Bacerra.

She sat directly across from her dad when he was killed.

Ramirez says there aren’t words to describe the pain she and her family go through, loving words that will never be spoken again.

“It won’t ever heal everybody needs their dad he’s not gonna be there I won’t ever hear the words I love you from my dad anymore all we want to put this all to rest,” said Ramirez

Police say the man responsible for killing Becerra is 42-year-old Kevin King.

Since the shooting, King has been on the run.

Police say he has an extensive criminal history and that he never should have had a gun.

“King was arrested for an armed robbery he committed that felony while in possession of a firearm in that particular investigation, he was convicted and spent 4 years in prison… he also has a domestic violence history and of history of a DUI,” said Paul Cervantes with the Fresno Police Department.

Becerra and his family lived next to King for years and are pleading for King to turn himself in.

“There’s nothing more we want justice for our dad the least he can do is own up to it; we’ve been neighbors with them for three-four years there’s never been an issue the least he could have done is own up to it instead of leaving and running off,” said Ramirez.

Police say after the shooting they also found an assault rifle in King’s apartment.

King is wanted for multiple charges.  

If you have any information regarding King’s whereabouts you are asked to contact the Fresno Police Department.