FRESNO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – Fresno County District Attorney’s Office says the current state of emergency gives them the power to add a charge of looting when another theft-related crime has been committed.

In a statement Friday, the DA’s office announced that it has filed felony looting charges against three individuals allegedly committed during the current COVID-19 pandemic: one who broke into a business, another who broke into a car, and a third who stole a work truck from the victim’s driveway.

According to county prosecutors, felony looting is committed when crimes such as second-degree burglary or grand theft are committed in a county with a state of emergency, local emergency, or evacuation order in place. Misdemeanor looting is when petty theft takes place when one of those orders is in place.

Fresno County District Attorney’s Office added that felony looting is also exempt from the $0 bail order. That means someone charged with felony looting cannot be released without having to pay bail.

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