FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Shawn Ginder, the man accused of running over a homeless woman with his truck and dragging her body eight miles then fleeing the scene, had a court date on Thursday.

It happened last year back in May of 2022 when 29-year-old Monique Contereraz was allegedly run over and trapped under Ginder’s truck while crossing the street of Milburn and Herndon avenues.

Her body was found miles later near the La Quinta Inn on Shaw and Cornelia avenues.

“Hopeless in my judicial system that they are failing us,” said homeless advocate Dez Martinez.

She says she is frustrated with the District’s Attorney Office’s decision to bring the lone charge.

“It’s not enough he’s committed crimes here in Fresno,” said Martinez

Ginder has a long criminal history including three DUIs in Fresno County.

In 2016 he was sentenced to three years probation for a misdemeanor of hit and run causing damage to property while also driving under the influence, according to officials. If found guilty of the new charge, he would face two to four years behind bars.

Martinez says that is not enough.

“She was a human being give me a year for every mile he dragged Monique through the streets of Fresno,” said Martinez

The District Attorney’s Office says they brought the only charge they believe they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt, which is why it took so long to bring the other charges up.

It’s taken a long time for this case to make its way to court.

After the accident, Ginder fell out of the window of a home at Bass Lake. He was in a coma after the fall and was never booked into Fresno County Jail.

Thursday, a warrant was issued by the judge for Ginder’s arrest because he was never booked.

The victims’ friends say they’ll continue to work for justice.

“We’re just going to keep on raising our voices till everybody hears I don’t care how loud we get or how many marches we have to do,” said Martinez.

It’s not known if Ginder has set a time to turn himself in.