MERCED, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A K9 officer uncovered almost $150,000 of suspected drug money during a traffic stop in Merced County, according to a social media post by the California Highway Patrol on Tuesday.

After pulling over a car for a traffic infraction, an officer said he noted several things that led him to believe the driver and passenger were involved in criminal activity.

While sniffing around outside the car, investigators said K9 Officer Beny signaled that he could smell drugs hidden inside of it.

Officers said they searched the car and found a hidden compartment that had been built between the rear seat and the truck.

After opening the compartment, officers said they found nine bundles of cash. Investigators said they estimated $145,000 was found. Officials said the driver denied knowing that the money was hidden inside the car.

During an investigation, officers said they found evidence that led them to believe the money was from the sale of narcotics. The money was confiscated by officers.