FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) — The Creek Fire damaged the Shaver Lake sewer treatment facility, according to a statement by Fresno County.

Officials say fire damage to the holding ponds and the facility itself is continuing to be evaluated. The outage may delay repopulation for approximately 1,400 customers served by the system.

“Public Works and Planning is working with State authorities, a private engineering firm, and contractors to determine the next course of action. We are committed to repairing the system as soon as possible to get people home and business open safely and quickly,” Steve White, Director of Fresno County Dept of Public Works and Planning said.

Officials say until operation can be restored, customers are advised to not flush toilets, shower, or allow the flow of water into the sewer system.

The county is looking at alternative solutions to expedite the return of residents once the area is no longer threatened by the Creek fire.