Cox leads Valadao in the only undecided U.S. House race


The race for California’s 21st Congressional is the only undecided election race in the U.S. 

On Monday, numbers from Kern County boosted Cox’s tally by 885 votes putting him ahead of Valadao by more than 400 votes. 

TJ Cox is currently has 50.2 percent of the vote, while incumbent David Valadao is at 49.8 percent. 

The race too close to call as election offices in four counties still have thousands of unprocessed ballots to count. 

“We’re cautiously optimistic that he’s (Cox) going to win this. He certainly put himself in good position by addressing the issues of the voters in the Central Valley,” Fresno County Democratic Party Chair Michael Evans said. 

In Fresno County, more than 15,000 thousand ballots still need to be processed. 

In Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties more than a thousand ballots still need to be counted. 

Fresno State Political Science Professor said those votes could help Cox keep his slim lead against Valadao. 

“Democratic registration is slowly increasing. There’s more democrats and the Democratic party seems to do a remarkably good job this year getting their supporters out to vote,” Holyoke said. 

A local conservative radio host Guillermo Moreno is raising the question of voter fraud.

“When an election comes down this close. You gotta wonder. How much voter fraud and how many of those votes are illegitimate votes,” Moreno said. 

Holyoke said he’s unaware of any cases or evidence showing voter fraud in California. 

Fresno and Kings Counties will released a new batch of updated election results on Wednesday. 

The Secretary of State will finalize all election results by December 7. 

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