Couple wants Madera County school’s ‘Civil War Ball’ to end, calling it culturally insensitive


Chris Jackson and Vicki Snowden-Jackson were not happy when they heard about the Civil War Ball their sixth-grade son would be attending in two years, at Ranchos Middle School.

“No one is telling us why you have to have a ball, because that is a celebration,” Snowden-Jackson said.

“What is there to celebrate, all the people that died, North and South, everywhere,” Jackson said? “The South was destroyed, I mean, for the war, so what is there to celebrate.”

The couple worried about glorifying a time where African Americans had no equal rights, let alone freedom.

“Think about the climate and what’s going to be on that campus when you’re doing this,” Snowden-Jackson said.

District Superintendent Andy Alvarado says, the event celebrates the end of the war, and nothing students recite or create is inappropriate. Alvarado continuing to say there are several disgraceful, inhumane events in American history, and those should still be taught.

Parents there Friday, say the complaint taints the entire community.

“The kids all dress as either Confederate or Union soldiers, the girls all dress in ball gowns,” parent Michele Stephens said. “There will be children singing, reciting poems, doing all sorts of things inside the gym.”

Superintendent Alvarado says students can opt out and complete an alternative assignment.

Reporting in Madera, Megan Rupe. 

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