Costco Plans to Open New Location in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. - There could be a new Costco headed to Clovis. City officials said Costco applied for a permit to build a new location, near Shaw and Clovis Avenues. The new location would replace the current Clovis Costco that is located near Ashlan and Peach.

Right now, there's an empty lot where the proposed store would be. According to officials, Costco wants to build a warehouse, tire center, and gas station.

Stocking up at Costco always tops Kari Fuller's errands list.

"It's my favorite store ever. I get to eat while I'm shopping, plus they have really good prices on dog food, cat food, paper towels," stated Fuller.

She said she's been shopping at the Clovis location for more than 15 years.

Fuller commented, "I know where everything is in this one."

But according to the City of Clovis, Fuller may soon have to adjust to a new location.

"That whole area now is really starting to thrive. There's new hotel projects being, gonna be starting to be built from what I understand, across the street. And there's more apartments going in across the street," said Todd Wolfe, a Clovis land owner.

Wolfe owns the land where the old and allegedly haunted Wolfe Manor used to be. His property is just south of where the proposed Costco will go. He said he welcomes the corporate company to the neighborhood.

He said, "If that's the case, then that makes my property that much more interesting and desirable for a national chain to come in and want to, you know, take over my property and lease it full time."

Many shoppers we spoke to say, so long as the City's not taking a Costco away, rather replacing it, they don't mind. But some, like Fuller, said she's not ready for the change.

"It's gonna be less convenient, I'm gonna have to go to two different locations now, so hopefully, maybe they'll keep it open," ended Fuller.

So, when can we expect the new Costco to open? City officials said construction could begin next year, but no there is not set date yet.

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