Local Trump supporters demand answers from Google, taking the trip to headquarters in the Bay Area, days after president Trump’s remarks about tech bias.

Making a statement on Google territory. Ben Bergquam and fellow Trump supporters say they’re standing up to so called social media monopolies. On Thursday, the group toured the Google and Facebook campus. They believe the sites manipulate how information is delivered to the public.

“If they can make your post appear on the third or fourth page, you’re basically invisible,” said Ben Bergquam of Frontline America.

This stance taken after President Trump tweeted Tuesday saying “Google search results for Trump news only shows only the viewing/reporting of fake news media. In other words they have it rigged for me and others so that almost all stories and news is bad. They are controlling what we can and cannot see.”

“They better be careful because you can’t do that to people. You can’t do it. We have tremendous, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in,” said Trump to the press.

Google responded with this statement, saying “Search is not used to get a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology.”

Bergquam says he tried to speak to Google officials to file complaints but was met by private security.

“They weren’t expecting us to come. I think they were irritated that we were there,” said Bergquam.

Bergquam believes free speech is at risk for conservatives he says will be targeted by Google, Facebook and even Twitter.

“The companies that were founded on this idea of free exchange of ideas have become the thought police,” said Bergquam.

Bergquam says he and several others will be back at Google headquarters Friday afternoon for a larger gathering.