Community remembers trans lives lost to violence and suicide


It was an evening of remembrance Friday, as crowds gathered at Fresno State to honor transgender lives lost.

According to the Human Rights Campaign 29 transgender people were reportedly killed last year.

“These are the reported deaths. So there are many deaths against trans people, attacks against trans people, that either go not reported or are misreported,”Dr. Kat Fobear an assistant women’s studies professor said, “meaning that in police reports they misgender the person, misidentify the person or don’t see it as what it is which is a hate crime.”

“This violence does happen. I know we’re in California, but it still happens and it’s happening in Fresno,” Zoyer Zyndel chair of Trans-E-Motion said. 

Zyndel said in 2017 the valley lost five trans people to murder or suicide. 

“Hate crimes are at an all time high, so another reason to have this event is to let people know that we need to keep our community safer, especially the transgender community which is one of the communities that’s most at risk,” Zyndel said. 

Organizers said the event is a start but more needs to be done. 

“Having a memorial is just one step. It can’t be the final step and it can’t be the final solution because obviously people are dying. So what we need is greater action,” Fobear said. 

There will be a march and rally on the National Day of Remembrance Nov 20. 

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