Cold temperatures could make citrus fruit sweeter


Temperatures took a dip for the first of the year. However, according to one citrus farmer cooler temperatures isn’t always a bad thing. 

Nick Hill with Green Leaf Farms says when the temperature drops into the 30’s it could make the fruit sweeter. 

“It will help bring on the sugar in the fruit and it also toughens the fruit off,” says Hill. “So, if we get more colder nights the fruits will fight off the cold a little bit better.”

Green Leaf Farms exports citrus all over the world and according to Hill because of the recent rain his farm is off to a good start. 

“With these rains it also pumps the size of the fruit up,” says Hill. “So, the other important thing about the rain is it helps size the fruit.”

Kevin Severns is the General Manager for Orange Cove – Sanger Citrus Association. He says when the temperature is at or around 30 degrees the fruit could taste better.

“That really is what gives our fruit a very unique flavor profile,” says Severns.  “Also helps it hold on to the tree longer so we can extend our citrus season.”

Ryan Jacobsen is the CEO for Fresno County Farm Bureau. He says overall San Joaquin Valley farmers are off to a good start. 

“A great start,” says Jacobsen. “So, the more we can get these storms coming in this time of year, it’s a great thing.”

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