Coalinga Resident Remembers Devastating 1984 Earthquake Following Tuesday Night's Shake

COALINGA, CALIFORNIA - In light of the overnight earthquake that many in Fresno felt, some residents in Coalinga shared with us their thoughts when big shakes occur. The city was hit with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in 1983 that destroyed hundreds of buildings and forced the city to rebuild. That earthquake shook for 45 seconds, and miraculously, no one died.

On Wednesday, Coalinga resident Timothy Jordan was taken back after flipping through old pictures of the Coalinga earthquake. He said he was reminded of that day in May of 1983 when the ground below him shook violently, sending him to his knees.

Jordan said, "It sounded like a semi going by in the street with a flat tire on a trailer. You could hear it started rumbling, rumbling, rumbling, and it just kept getting louder and louder."
Jordan, who was a car mechanic at the time, describes a war zone after the earthquake. He said it was damage only Mother Nature could be capable of.

"But the most hurtful thing was driving back through the town and, basically seeing the town. The rubble," said Jordan as he held back tears.

He said there have been many earthquakes in the last 33 years, but none compare to the devastation from 1983.

Jordan said he didn’t even feel Tuesday night’s earthquake that shook most of the Central Valley. He said, "I slept through it. The wife did, she woke up. The dogs woke up, the cats woke up, but I was sitting there sound asleep."

He said all earthquakes now get him on high alert.

"Oh ya. You get flashbacks. It’s still stuck in my head," stated Jordan.

He said when he feels an earthquake hit, he feels disoriented and what immediately comes to mind is how to get to safety.

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