Today’s inauguration brings back poignant memories for one Clovis woman who was a part of the inauguration of president Ronald Reagan at a pivotal time in American history.

Being back in a band room at Clovis High School today opens up a wave of memories for the woman who’s lived in Clovis nearly her entire life.

Thirty five years ago the Clovis High alumna and her former band mates marched in Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inauguration.

“We were one of only two high school marching bands west of the Mississippi to perform in the parade and we had roughly four to five weeks to raise enough money and to practice and be ready in Washington.” 

A Washington, DC experience she says is once in a lifetime.

“To make that trip, to participate in that activity, and to do it with a couple hundred of your closest friends was just a fabulous experience,” said Golden.

Seeing the man who would eventually be credited for winning the Cold War was the instant that made it most memorable.

“As we came up the hill, suddenly there was a huge light and we realized ‘This is it. The president and his wife are there.'” 

For the then high schooler, performing music while at the nationally broadcasted event; that’s where the magic was.

“Music is an energy. So when you’re in the middle of a group of people and you’re playing, you can feel the energy,” she said.

While admiring the many trophies adoring the walls of her old stomping grounds today, Golden mentions that today’s inauguration isn’t just about politics, its also about tradition.

“It’s a capstone. It marks the end of an administration and the beginning of an administration.” 

She stresses that one thing is universal for anyone who performs at an inaugural parade: it’s a true honor to be recognized for their talents and to be able to perform on a national stage.