Clovis SWAT, Firefighters Simulate Mass Shooting at Buchanan HS for Training

CLOVIS, Calif. - The Clovis Police Department and Fire Department faked a school shooting at Buchanan High School on Thursday to train their officers and crew on how best to handle an active-shooter scenario.

Carson Koch is a Clovis Police Department Explorer who recently graduated from Clovis High School. He role-played as an injured student during the training.

"If you can run from the active threat, whether it's somebody shooting or stabbing, your best bet would be run, if not, hide, barricade yourself in a classroom, turn the lights off, lock the door," stated Koch.

Koch said he can't imagine a real life mass shooting.

"It hurts just to know that students so young are, they're getting their lives taken like that. It makes you angry. I'm sure it makes a lot of people angry to see that happening," stated Koch.

CPD Captain Jorge Gomez said this training had to be done, considering the new era we live in with school shootings.

Gomez stated, "We just try to recreate what that type of environment might be. We have kids with fake injuries and blood."

He said the all-day training was in partnership with Clovis Fire, and if a real life mass shooting occurs, fire crew will go in with police officers to help injured victims.

"If it's a gunshot wound, you know, obviously, if you stop bleeding or get the right pressure, simple things will prevent fatalities," said Gomez.

The training day had been in the works for more than six months, and officials said they plan on holding another session very soon.

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