Clovis Police Department relaunches K9 unit

CLOVIS, Calif. - For the first time in over five years Clovis Police Department will be adding four legged members back to their force. The department's K9 unit was cut after the recession and is one of the only departments in the county without it. This week that is all changing.
Funded by private donors this the department will add two new K9 officers to relaunch their unit.

"It's kind of incredible, it's hard to describe what it's like when you work with an animal and you connect with them," said Clovis Police Officer Phil Macy.

The officer worked with two service dogs before the K9 unit closed back in 2011 and said since then there's been a huge void.

"You become dependent on them. They serve a very special need and it's definitely an enhanced safety element for the officers out here," said Macy.

Something Clovis Police Captain Tom Roberts echoes.

"It's a tool on patrol that we've been missing for five or six years now. Since then we've had to rely on other agencies to assist us. Everyone from our officers to our chief are very excited to get our K9's back," said Roberts.

Fresno Police Department has had an active K9 unit the past 25 years. Lieutenant Joe Alvarez said this a huge step not just for the neighboring city but the entire county.

"It adds safety to the citizens, to the officers, and even to the suspects. They are a work force multiplier. Officers will be able to get in and do their jobs faster and be more available to Clovis citizens," said Alvarez

The Clovis Police Department is working to raise $75,000 more dollars to add three more K9's to the unit this year. To donate directly to the K9 unit or the Clovis Police Foundation call (559)324-2577 or email

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