Clovis PD K9 Unit taking home numerous trophies and winning “Top Dog” at the Bakersfield K9 Trial this weekend


This weekend Clovis Police Officers competed in the annual Bakersfield K9 Trials. Here is where canine handlers show off their dog’s skills through different competitions.

The different competitions are building search, area search, and protection competition. The dogs are then scored on their overall performance.  

Brent Drum has been with Clovis Police for more than a decade. He has worked with Jax, a Belgium Malinois, for close to three years. 

“The canine team including the narcotics division competed in the Bakersfield K9 Trials, which is held annually,” said Drum. 

This competition is designed to showcase the hours of work the handlers put in training their canine’s in preparation for real life events. 

Jax received 2nd in agility, 3rd in area search, and 2nd in building search. 

“It takes a lot of different reps to get the dog to understand exactly what he is suppose to do and that comes with ongoing training,” said Drum. 

Clovis Police Officer De Jong and her dog Mika placed 4th in Novice Overall. Clovis Police Officer Garcia with his dog Korda was awarded Top Dog. That is the most prestigious award for the canine’s in this competition. 

Clovis Police say they look forward to growing with their canine’s and continuing to teach and train them. 

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