If you’re interested in technology, Clovis Community College is now offering a new short-term course, in Mechatronics.

Classes are being offered in time for spring semester.

Instructors at Clovis Community College said this first of a kind course will give students hands on experience that could lead to a well paying career.

Technology, it’s an ever growing, ever changing field, that’s right now is hot in demand. 

“When we look out there at jobs locally there’s a huge increase in industrial automation and the need for technicians,” Matthew Graff, an instructor at Clovis Community College, said.

Technicians, to program and run machines, like these at Amazon or perhaps, local  farming automation.

Graff said while the Central Valley is known for Ag, it’s also known as a manufacturing hub.

“Anything that’s moving a product, whether it be liquid, or a package or some sort of solid, fruit, or whatever, involves automation, whenever it’s done across a machine,” Graff said.

So, the college is now offering students a chance to explore the realm of industrial automation with a new course in Mechatronics.

“Students are going to be exposed to mechanical systems, electrical systems, computer systems, and the fact that this is a control system, that’s what mechatronics is,” Graff said.

Though classes haven’t started yet, students say it’s something they’re looking forward to. 

“It really interest me because it is a really important field,” Halimah Smith, a student, said.

“It seems like a viable option for work and really as a passion working with technology,” Osvaldo Morales, a student, said.

Graff said jobs are available to students after they complete the course. He said starting pay, around $20 an hour.

“I talked to companies and they’re excited because they can’t fill the jobs quick enough,” Graff said.

The college said there’s still time to register for spring semester, classes start February 5.

For more information, contact 559.325.5230 or www.cloviscollege.edu