City promises to fix every pothole


Wetter years do tend to bring more potholes.  The cracking and crumbling is expected after this rain.

The City of Fresno budgets $700,000 a year for pothole repairs.

Scott Mozier is Director of Public Works in Fresno. He says potholes can be reporteed through the FresGo app or by calling the city’s 621-CITY hotlline. “We will fill every pothole that’s reported. Typically, during the week, it will happen between 24 and 48 hours.”

A pothole forms in two steps. The first is water getting through the road and washing down supporting soil beneath the road surface. This results in a series of cracks called “crocodile cracking.” Then, the action of traffic ejects chunks from the roadway forming the pothole.

The City of Fresno has six crews out repairing thousands of potholes.

Mozier says, “Really the streets that develop potholes are not a surprise to us because they’re the ones that are in worse condition and so those are the areas we typically will actually look for potholes and fill them as we see them.”

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