City crews and CHP busy as rainy weather returns


The Central Valley got some much needed rain with some less welcomed side effects.

“Driving and getting to work on a day like this can be dangerous as you see by the volume of calls and collisions we’ve had today,” Sgt. Leonard Sherman of the California Highway Patrol said Wednesday. 

CHP was investigating what led up to this fatal crash where man pulled out right in front of another vehicle.

“Maybe visibility might be a concern. These are all factors you need to think about when you’re driving in the rain because your windshield might be wet. You might have bad windshield wipers,” Sherman said. 

And as CHP stayed busy with mounting calls, Fresno city crews had already been addressing rising water.

“We’ve actually been doing storm prep 365 days of the year. We’re constantly out there making sure the storm drains are clean and we’re testing pumps,” Mark Standriff the city’s communication and public affairs director said. 

He said the city’s flood control system can handle half an inch of rain over a one hour period and when the area gets more than that it leads to temporary flooding. But he said it will eventually subside.

“You got a heavy amount of water that is eventually going to drain out because basically the storm drains are all clear. We do that every single day,” Standriff said. 

Until the water clears Michael Polsen the general manager of Ball Fire and Automotive recommends having good tires and slowing down. 

“If you come across a street that’s flooded you want to slow down maybe two to five miles an hour depending on how deep it is,” he said.

“The main thing is when it’s raining the roads are dangerous. They’re slippery. It’s hard to stop,” Sherman said. 

Crews are working around the clock to keep storm drains clear. If you see a problem area you’re asked to call the city at (559) 621-CITY or use the FresGo app.

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