Merced CHP K-9 officer “Beny” has done it again, helping officers make a huge seizure of money and drugs apparently meant to be shipped from California to a different state.

Early Friday morning a CHP officer pulled over a 2014 Chrysler van for a speeding violation on I-5 north of Russell Avenue.

While the officer was speaking to the driver and passenger he noticed indications of possible criminal activity. 

While the officer conducted a records check of the vehicle K-9 officer “Beny” arrived on scene.  “Beny” began to sniff the outside of the van, and alerted officers to the possible presence of narcotics.

Officer asked for consent to search the vehicle and it was given. Investigators say they found a loaded Glock handgun, around $100,000 in cash, and 8,000 cartridges of concentrated Marijuana.

Based on other items of evidence located, it is believed that suspects came to California to purchase marijuana products in order to mail those products back to Minnesota.  The suspects were arrested, and all the illegal items were seized.

Last month “Beny” helped sniff out 30 pounds of Crystal meth during a Merced County traffic stop by the CHP.