FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Modernist is a new craft cocktail bar that’s opening in Downtown Fresno’s Brewery District.

This new craft cocktail bar completely renovated the inside making it a chic lounge.

Po Tsai and his partner Carmen Serrato said they were looking to open a bar in downtown Fresno and finally found the perfect location.

“We found a great location with downtown revitalization going on I think that is essential to why we did this and us being here,” said Tsai.

Tsai said back in October they won $10,000 after entering and winning the Downtown Fresno Partnership Business Competition.

Jimmy Cerracchio is the President of the Downtown Fresno Partnership. He said this competition really helps small businesses get jump-started.

“It’s a business competition that sees different businesses that want to move to downtown,” said Cerracchio. “They submit a business plan and it’s reviewed by a committee and the winner this year ended up being Modernist.”

Cerracchio with the non-profit said Modernist won the grand prize money for coming in first. Which was enough to help this small business get the final funding to open up shop.

“They tend to not have the deep pockets like a corporation would have so there is a lot of start-up costs with starting a business and permit fees for getting moved in,” said Cerracchio.

According to Tsai, what makes them stand out from other bars is their love for craft cocktails.

“Some cocktails are a little bit older and pallets have shifted,” said Tsai. “So, you have to update how you make a drink in order to soothe modern pallets.”

Modernist is holding their soft opening Tuesday night. They will have their grand opening within the next couple of weeks.

They are located at 719 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721.