“Chaos” for Oakhurst commuters, as storm blankets roads and highways in snow


Erin Joseph and Tatiana Kilby trying to keep things light, after Joseph’s commute home from Tenaya Lodge, went spinning out of control.

“Chaos, pure chaos,” Joseph said. “Multiple cars in embankments, cops everywhere.”

We found the two coworkers in Oakhurst monday night, making chains look easy.

“Took me about an hour to get down the mountain,” Kilby said.

“Took me about 3-and-a-half,” Joseph said.

Tow truck driver Brandon Gandy, with Pat’s Affordable Towing, towing 6 to 7 vehicles within just a few hours.

“We’re trying to get it cleared, and you know, keep the roads open for everyone,” Gandy said. “But, it’s a tough day.”

While some who ventured out were made for the elements, others had to take it slow. 

Or change their plans.

“I don’t know if I’m going back home tonight,” Kilby said. “Might crash at my friend’s in Oakhurst.” 

Reporting in Oakhurst, Megan Rupe. 

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