Central Valley congressional leaders react to President Trump declaring a national emergency


President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday to reallocate billions of dollars for a border wall along the U.S. and Mexico border. 

The declaration comes after congress passed a spending bill to keep the government open, a bill that only included $1.3 billion dollar for border security. 

Central Valley congressional leaders and California Governor Gavin Newsom weighing in on President Trump’s decision. 

“No other state will be impacted than the state of California,” Newsom said. 

Newsom said the declaration will remove money from California law enforcement who are taking drugs off the streets. 

“The state of California is being put at risk for a vanity project for a monument to stupidity. A wall that will do nothing to impact the drugs coming over our border,” Newsom said. 

Fresno GOP Chairman Fred Vanderhoof said President Trump made the right move in declaring an emergency because of the growing concern of illegal immigration. 

Vanderhoof said the crisis is coming from the Governor and democrats in congress. 

Congressman Jim Costa released a statement about the national emergency declaration. 

“The President’s proclamation today is a clear abuse of executive power. My Republican friends have criticized previous administrations for far less. Conservatives should be outraged by the President’s action today.

“There is no real national emergency at our border, as the facts clearly show. Our nation’s intelligence chiefs appointed by the President have recently testified before Congress that there is no national emergency at our border.

“The President’s proclamation today of a national emergency, I find very disappointing.”


Congressman TJ Cox released a statement: 

“We were sent to Washington to work together and find solutions for the American people. Neither side got everything that we wanted, but I am proud to have voted with Republicans and Democrats alike to prevent another costly and unnecessary government shutdown.

“Too often, it’s the voices of hard-working people that get lost in these debates. As I cast my vote yesterday, I thought of the hundreds of thousands of workers who can sleep easier knowing that their lives won’t be needlessly disrupted again by this Administration. 

“President Trump’s emergency declaration to sidestep the Constitution is short-sighted, irresponsible, and lawless. Our Founding Fathers constructed a system of checks and balances to protect the people from executive overreach. The President overstepped his constitutional authority to declare he will divert scarce taxpayer dollars to a project we all know is unnecessary and ineffective.”

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