FRESNO COUNTY, California (KGPE) – Another person tested “positive” for the coronavirus in northern California on Wednesday.

It’s the fifteenth case in the United States. Health officials say the patient is a resident of Solano County and is receiving care in Sacramento County.

They say this would be the first known instance of “person-to-person” transmission in the general public in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the person had no exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with someone who is known to be infected.

The coronavirus has been a top concern worldwide, including here in the Valley. The virus coming out of Wuhan, China with symptoms similar to the Flu.

Tulare County health officials have announced they are monitoring nine people who recently traveled to China or have come in contact with people who did.

In Fresno County, the health department is monitoring people who meet certain criteria for recent travel.

They say these people are self-isolating for 14 days but none are showing signs of symptoms.

The CDC issued a statement on Tuesday warning public schools to take precautions.

We spoke with Fresno and Clovis Unified, both say they sent out letters to parents back in January and then again this morning. School officials say the letters are to help educate parents and staff on what to look out for regarding the coronavirus.

Now both districts say they are following Fresno County Department of Public Health’s recommended guidelines from the CDC.

On Tuesday, the CDC urging schools and businesses to take caution.

“For schools, the options include dividing students into smaller groups or in the case of a severe pandemic, the use of tele-schooling to further education. For adults, businesses can implement video or telephone conferences and increase teleworking options,” said Dr. Nancy Messonnier with the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).

While there are no confirmed cases in the Valley, school districts say they have plans in place and have been in communication with parents, students, and staff.

“Basically, if there were any concerns with coronavirus coming into the school sites, I work closely with Fresno County and I also work closely with our communications department and the school does have safety plan as to what steps we would follow if it went into the direction,” said Jane Banks with Fresno Unified School District.

Both districts say right now there are no plans for canceling any school activities and say they educate students year-round on healthy living practices.

“In Fresno County, there’s really not an immediate need to react to any identified cases but even so we are continuing with our safe school practices for regular sanitation and disinfection of heavily used surfaces, making sure that just those healthy living practices that we talk to kids about all the time, covering coughs, not coming to school when you’re sick and things like that are being followed,” said Kelly Avants with Clovis Unified School District.

Fresno State also sent out a letter to students and staff regarding safety measures to take.

Again, there are no confirmed cases in Fresno or Tulare Counties.

Health experts want to be clear and say the flu is still more dangerous then coronavirus.

According to reports, the top virologist is working on the Coronavirus’s genetic code.

They say those who get COVID-19 reports say they can recover and build up resistance to it. Officials say children seem to be more resilient than the elderly.