Dozens of animals rescued from a home in Miramonte. The Central California SPCA is investigating a hoarding situation. Deputies and humane investigators spent all day at a home on Buck Canyon Road in Miramonte, examining horses, dogs and cats.

Fresno County deputies served the search warrant Thursday afternoon, allowing the CCSPCA to get inside the home to discover an estimated 65-90 animals and this isn’t the first time officers have been to this property.

Cages of animals being carried out of a Miramonte home. The Central California SPCA says its humane investigation team has been here before after receiving tips about a Fresno County rescue group taking in way too many animals.

“And we have seen this several times where people want to help animals but unfortunately it becomes out of hand,” said Walter Salvari with the CCSPCA.

The team worked from morning into the night, recovering an estimated 65-90 animals that include dogs, cats, kittens and horses, checking each one’s medical condition.

“Right now, what we’re going to do is assess them medically and make sure that they are safe enough to take to the shelter and if they are then we’ll make sure that they’re housed and there until the investigation is over,” said Salvari.

The CCSPCA says the large amount of animals discovered, makes this a hoarding situation. The homeowners did cooperate with authorities as the investigation went on. Now space must be made for several animals who may be sick or emaciated.

“If these animals unfortunately have severe medical issues where we can’t treat them, then we will go and humanely euthanize them,” said Salvari.