FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A transportation company contracted with the VA hospital gives free rides to veterans.

The hospital pays Core Transit for their service – but the company says they have gone six months without proper payment.

The VA hospital says their payroll system recently changed and that’s the reason for the delay in paying Core Transit. They say they are working with the company to correct invoices under their new system to make sure the company receives the backpay.

“The owner of Core Transit says he’s owed tens of thousands of dollars after going six months without proper payment,” Sam Adams, owner of Core Transit, said.

“I traveled 1,750 miles to put my business in California, and being veteran-owned, I just don’t think we’re getting the proper treatment,” Adams said. “On top of that, it’s been five months since we’ve been paid right.”

But the company is still offering free rides to veterans even without getting properly paid.

“I want them to pay us, you know we’re the ones doing the work,” Adams said.

Jennifer Fox is a driver for Core Transit and a mother of four. She is waiting for payment too.

“You know I still need to be paid to support my family at home,” Fox said.

CBS47 rode along with Fox during her shift and we met some of her clients. Veterans shared their stories as we learned why these employees are still working despite waiting months for backpay.

They are still working because they still care.

“I love what I do,” Adams said.

Core Transit now just waiting for the new payroll system to pay out what they are owed. The VA hospital acknowledged the delayed payment and regrets any inconvenience it has caused, adding that they are working with Core Transit to get all of their invoices paid.