FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Several AmeriGas customers recently went weeks without propane.

They reached out to CBS47 On Your Side asking for help before the new year. For these families, not having propane meant not having a working heater, not having hot water, or a working stove.

It went on for weeks until we made a few phone calls to AmeriGas, and a few hours later propane was delivered.

83-year-old Rosie Contreras of Madera Acres had been without propane for weeks.

“Here I am, cold, and sitting down in sweaters and jackets and hats,” Contreras said. “It’s tough keeping myself warm.”

Her children were worried about their mother as she was put on the waiting list for a delivery.

“My son was worried that I might get really sick sitting in the cold,” Contreras said.

“We only have one mother,” Victor Contreras, Rosie’s son, said. “So we want to take care of our one mother.”

Rosie was uncomfortable in her own home. She was hoping New Years Day would be different from how she spent Christmas.

“For Christmas Day, I didn’t have anything,” Contreras said. “I couldn’t turn on my stove, or my heater, nothing.”

Rosie wasn’t alone in going through Christmas without propane.

“I am heating water in the microwave to wash dishes, I am having to shower at a neighbor’s house. I can’t do any laundry, can’t cook,” Mariposa resident Barbara Reese said.

Both families are customers of AmeriGas.

AmeriGas gave us a statement on the delayed deliveries.

Like so many businesses, our local propane distribution facility was impacted by the pandemic and this resulted in some delivery delays. We were able to immediately tap extra resources available through our national network and have brought in over 50 drivers into the state of California, some of which have offered back up to our valued local employees who live in the Fresno community. We are pleased to report that customer concerns have been addressed.

We take great pride in customer satisfaction and quality of service, and we don’t take for granted that behind every propane order we fulfill is a customer that can heat their home or cook food for their family. We thank the team at CBS47 for connecting us with these local customers so that we could address their needs immediately.


The company representative explained several of their local drivers had coronavirus. After speaking to the company, CBS47 provided the customers’ details and the propane was delivered the same day.

“I have propane now,” Reese said. “The truck came at the perfect time and 47 On Your Side got the job done when I couldn’t.”

Now Rosie’s family can rest easy too, knowing their mother is comfortable in her own home once again.

“Me, my sisters, and my family really appreciate you coming out here,” Victor Contreras said.

CBS47 was also able to help two other families who were waiting for a propane delivery.

We want to thank AmeriGas who acted as soon as we contacted them.

If you have a concern you need help with, contact our CBS47 On Your Side tip line at 559-761-0383 or email us at