FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – CBS47 is On Your Side helping a single father get back into his apartment after having no air conditioning for months.

Temperatures in his apartment reached 96 degrees in the sizzling Fresno heat, making things unbearable for him and his 9-year-old son.

Last month was the hottest July ever recorded in Fresno, with some days as hot as 114 degrees. Having no A/C in a top-floor apartment leaves residents with no escape – a reality one Fresno father had been living in that situation for two and a half months.

Isidro Vasquez has been without air conditioning for almost 90 days. Around his living room sits box fan after box fan.

“I haven’t gotten any sleep for the last few days due to the heat,” Isidro said.

We looked at screenshots of his thermostat and saw a reading of 94 degrees: unbearable living conditions for Vasquez and his nine-year-old son.

“I tried to have him here with me, I had these fans blowing on him, but it was still too hot and we had to go to my parents’ house.”

Vasquez has been going from house-to-house waiting months for maintenance to fix his A/C.

“Anywhere I could stay, that has an A/C and blowing cold air, that’s where I’ve been going.”

In the meantime, he continued to pay rent for a place he couldn’t even stay. That’s when he called CBS47 On Your Side.

“I know somebody who will be on your side which is 47.”

We made phone calls and reached the corporate office of JD Rentals. A few days later, we were there to see a new A/C unit installed.

“I’m home now, I can sleep in my own bed now, without having to get up multiple times at night to take cold showers. I’m home.”

Not only did the new A/C bring Vasquez back home but also his son.

“I’m here now, I’ve got the A/C going, and by tomorrow I can have my son here with me.”

We’ve also worked with management to help get Vasquez a rental reimbursement for the payments he made while not being able to live in his apartment. We want to thank JD Rentals for taking care of the situation.

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