FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A mother of three children totaled her car in an accident.

She was left with no vehicle to take her kids to school after her insurance company rejected a payout despite her having full coverage.

“Luckily my dad loaned me a car so I was able to get them back and forth to school because they have perfect attendance,” Rochelle Quinteros said.

In the images from the video, you can see what her car used to look like and then pictures from after the accident.

“I was coming off the freeway, hit a pothole, lost all control, went into a person’s fence and yard, then a pole went through the front of the car and out the back,” Quinteros said. “I was lucky I was by myself.”

She was able to walk away okay.

Next step was reaching out to her insurance company.

The car was deemed totaled.

The good news was Rochelle was paying for full coverage insurance.

But when she called her insurance company, they denied payment because the car title wasn’t in her name.

Rochelle emailed CBS47 on your side and explained her situation.

“My mom was like, call channel 47 they help everybody, I was like okay. Contacted you guys, and I was so happy to hear back. And now here we are finally,” Quinteros said.

We sent an email to AllState to discuss documents of proof Rochelle did purchase the car two years ago from an independent owner.

After reviewing the files, the claim was resolved.

Rochelle was sent a check for three thousand dollars to buy another car.

Rochelle is thankful to have walked away from this situation safely and was provided the payout needed to keep providing for her family.

“You were on my side, you saved the day,” Rochelle said. “I mean you guys couldn’t have been a better blessing at a better time so yes, channel 47 was on my side.”