FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Card skimmers are a problem that has become more and more prevalent.

Devices are placed inside card readers that help high-tech crooks steal your money.

One man’s experience with a card skimmer cost him $800.

Ron Singer went to the ATM to withdraw cash with his debit card. A few hours passed and two more transactions were made but not by Singer. $800 dollars later, he realizes he was taken by a card skimming scam

Singer visited a Bank of America branch in Santa Ana, California where a card skimmer was located on one of their ATMs. Card skimmers are being found more often on bank ATMs and gas stations in the Central Valley too.

Singer is a carpenter but is on disability after injuring his shoulder, awaiting surgery. He receives his disability money through a Bank of America debit card. When he went to withdraw a few hundred dollars, it ended up being a lot more.

There were three transactions made. One was Singer’s, the others weren’t. $800 dollars was wrongfully withdrawn. Ron immediately called the bank to report the fraudulent activity.

The bank opened up an investigation to later find a card skimmer on their ATM.

“Why can’t the ATMs detect skimmers when they put them on? There should be a technology out there that can detect a skimmer when it’s put on,” Singer said.

Singer was a victim of the card skimming scheme. As a security precaution, the bank froze his account. Now he is missing $800 dollars and has no access to any of his money.

“That’s the worst part about it, and if I don’t get the money back, how am I going to pay rent, because I can’t get in the account, money would be deposited, but I wouldn’t be able to use the account because I would be locked out of it,” Singer explained.

Singer describes it as a nightmare situation, having no access to his money, and knowing bills are about to be due.

“If they’re doing this to me, they’re doing it to other people, and if they keep doing it and locking people out of their accounts, they’re creating homeless people,” Singer said.

Bank of America told him to give them up to 90 days to investigate.

But Singer knew he couldn’t wait three months so he turned to CBS47 On Your Side.

“Anybody who’s going to listen, I’ll be happy to have listen, because I was frustrated, irritated by the whole thing, plus I’ve been knocked down so many times, it’s like no I’m not giving up this battle,” Singer said.

Bank of America was able to reimburse Singer the $800 dollars. He regained access to his account within a week.

Law enforcement agencies are tackling card skimmer scams across the Valley.

If you think you find one or fall victim to one, call your bank and local police at their non-emergency line.

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