FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A Fresno family is living a nightmare as homeless individuals routinely break into their property.

City Mayor Jerry Dyer recently ramped up efforts to move homeless people off of our highways. The family says it can’t happen fast enough. Meanwhile, homeowners along Highway 180 tell us the homeless are setting up camp in their backyards.

“It has never been this bad,” said Jimmy Oge, who lives along the affected area.

Homeowners describe some of the issues they are having as homeless people have moved in.

“When I have my sprinklers on the side of my house here, I’ve seen them showering, bathing in my sprinklers,” said Bruce Knizevski.

“They jump over our fences and go through our trash cans and stuff,” Oge said.

Bruce cleans up trash off of his property and sidewalks daily. He says the homeless people who live behind him are also using his home address as their own.

“They’ve even used my address to have packages delivered,” Knizevski said.

“They’ve jumped over my fence to go swim in my swimming pool,” Oge said.

These residents say they need help.

“It’s just a helpless feeling.”

Homeless come in and out of the area on foot and by bike. When we were out there we saw them several times. Homeless have easy access behind their property.

“They don’t try to keep the gate locked or controlled at all” Knizevski said.

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer is working to help residents like these. Project Off-Ramp is removing homeless from highways and into housing. The initiative is brand new but the community is counting on its success.