TULARE, Calif. (KGPE) – A South Valley man called CBS47 after he said he paid a pastor to redo his bathroom but the job was never finished.

CBS47 On Your Side stepped in to help the veteran get his money back after he was left without a place to shower.

“So this is the hose,” said Henry Ramos, motioning towards a typical garden hose which is what he used to bathe for weeks.

“So, I would sit right here and put my soap right here,” said Ramos as he turned on the hose.

Ramos showered in the backyard as a child but never expected his life would come full circle.

“To get up in the morning, and you have to run around to do your business over there,” said Ramos. “And after exercising I come home and I gotta shower out back with the water hose, it’s just not good. Basically, I feel like I was being robbed by a pastor.”

Ramos has lived in his Tulare house for decades. This year he decided it was time for a facelift. He sold his motorcycle and used the money to hire a local pastor who also does home projects on the side.

“He is a pastor recommended by a friend, a good friend,” said Ramos. “A good friend so he came through and looked at my bathroom.”

A receipt from May 17 shows the contractor quoted $4500 for the project. He was given an $1800 deposit that day.

“Everything was good. Green lights all the way but then I ran into red lights.”

Ramos said after the initial demo, the project halted. Ramos demanded his money back and after several calls, a receipt showed on June 30 that $1100 was returned. Still, Ramos was out $700.

“This was in July, he said he was going to come by on a Monday,” said Ramos as he showed us text messages. “He didn’t show up. Thursday passed, I put a sad face. Friday passed, I put on another sad face.”

Ramos showed text messages to the contractor. In the texts, he made several excuses. We reached out to the contractor. He wouldn’t interview on camera but agreed to do a phone interview.

The contractor said he told Ramos the project would take a bit longer because of other projects he was working on and said he only planned on returning $350 because he said he spent $350 on supplies. We asked for the supply receipts but never got them.

We asked the contractor why he didn’t return the $350 initially, even though he said he would.

“I didn’t have it,” said the man. “It is the simple truth. I just didn’t have it.”

10 days after CBS47 got involved, the contractor returned half of the money and agreed to return the other half in two weeks to resolve the issue. CBS47 checked in with him on August 22, August 30, September 14, and September 16th.

Finally, after a month and a half, the rest of the money was returned.

“I texted Mederios with 47 on my side and she took care of it,” said Ramos. “She just got the ball and scored.”

We told the contractor that Ramos felt robbed by a pastor. And he responded that the money was all returned.

“Maybe not in the timely manner that we had agreed upon but it was returned and secondly there was never an intent to rob him. That was never an intent.”

Ramos hired a new contractor and his bathroom was finally complete.

“No more showers al fresco,” said Ramos.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact CBS47 on your side at 559-761-0383 or email onyourside@cbsfresno.com.